What You Need to Know About Vitamin D

What You Need to Know About Vitamin D

The Tea on Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is essential for all of us. It helps to support bone and muscle health and is helpful for the immune system. Some studies have shown that Vitamin D can also help with mood regulation and weight management.

The amount of Vitamin D that is needed depends on the individual. Our bodies convert sunlight to Vitamin D but if you live further from the equator and have more melanin, it can be more difficult to get the amount of Vitamin D that you need.  But have no fear! We can get Vitamin D from other sources.

We can get Vitamin D from our diet. Food sources include fatty fish, some mushrooms, dairy products, and some foods that are fortified with Vitamin D, like cereals.  If your diet isn’t rich in Vitamin D, another option is taking Vitamin D supplements.  It’s important not to take too much in supplement form.  600 to 1000 IU per day is a good place to start.

If you think you may need a higher dose of Vitamin D daily or want advice on taking Vitamin D supplements, make sure you consult with your healthcare provider.

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