Why We Do This


 As a family doctor with a special interest in women’s sexual and reproductive health, I would so often talk to patients frustrated with the lack of good options for vaginal health products. It was out of the desire to help my patients find solutions that Imana Health was born. You asked and we listened.
Dr. Duate Adegbite, CEO and co-founder


Our Mission

To provide evidenced-based, single strain probiotic products to improve vaginal health. As doctors, we wouldn’t prescribe multiple medications for a single problem and we use the same philosophy at Imana Health. We use minimal ingredients so that you know exactly what you’re getting and what works for you!

Our Story

Imana Health was founded in the summer of 2022 by Drs. Duate Adegbite and Nena Watson, family doctors and best friends. With a passion for helping women achieve their optimal wellness, they embarked on the journey to develop Imana Health’s first product, an oral probiotic for yeast infections and vaginal health.

Meet the Team

Dr. Duate Adegbite, CEO and Co-Founder


Dr. Nena-Rae Watson, CMO and Co-Founder


Danayi Munyati, COO